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From the monthly archives: "May 2013"

End of May Progress Report

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It is shaping up to be a banner year. Our biggest acreage, Montmorency tart cherries appears to have a very nice crop coming. This is so important for us because we send most of our Montmorencies to be made into concentrate and concentrate has been in very short supply.

Spring Chores

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Planting sweet corn with a brand new tractor. We traded in two John Deere tractors last fall on two New Holland tractors that were delivered recently. The John Deeres were completely worn out and will be sold to salvage yards. The New Hollands are built on smaller frames that loan themselves easily to orchard work. […]

New Wind Machine Protects Cherry Crop from Frost

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A new Chinook wind machine went up at King Orchards last week. Due to the widely variable weather we hope this thing will provide some protection from frosts on cold clear nights. The idea is that on clear nights with no breeze the heat from the blossoms (and car windshields) is radiated away to space. […]

Still at 100% potential!

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The apricots have bloomed and they look very strong. The sweets are opening now and they look good too. Nectarines, Peaches, Apples, Balatons, Tarts, all opening in the next few days. Apples right behind them. We are really excited and enthusiastic and making plans to market the fruit. My apologies to those who inquired about […]


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