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From the monthly archives: "July 2013"

Late July Progress Report

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It has been a very good sweet cherry season but it is winding down. As the Northern Michigan residents can attest, it has been raining a lot. The sweet cherries would have more splits after each rain. We had almost two inches early this week and we are throwing in the towel. We have only […]

raspberry u-pick at King Orchards in northern Michigan near Traverse City

Harvest Update Monday 7/22/13

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U-pickers continue to find plenty of Black sweet cherries. The cracks from 2 weeks ago have shriveled and the good cherries have grown so sorting them is not too hard. I expect that we will have blacks sweet cherries available through Thursday at least and maybe into the weekend. It depends on how many u-pickers […]

Tart cherries are here!

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  The u-pickers have started picking the Montmorency tart cherries and they look good. The tart cherry pitter is running smoothly so when a u-pick customer picks a large lot of cherries they can get them pitted and into bags with the juice for freezing. We won’t be machine harvesting the Monts for another 4-5 […]

Raspberry picking and Sweet Cherry picking

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We received almost an inch of rain today. That is great news for the parched trees and crops. The raspberries finally are ripening and tomorrow (Tues July 9) will be an excellent day because so many berries are ripening for easy picking. They are $4.00/pint but deals can be had on a flat of 8 […]

Cherry Harvest 2013 Underway

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The cherries have ripened faster than I expected the last few days. After a freakout yesterday (July 4) we opened up the u-pick and the black sweet cherries are coming in beautifully. This weekend should be very good picking.

Fruit for u-pick

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I am pleasantly surprised at the fast pace of the ripening fruit. The raspberries will be open for u-pick in time for the Fourth of July. (Probably the M88 location will open first as apparently there are earlier varieties there.)


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