Montmorency Tart Cherries are Here!

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Tart Cherry time is now! It’s a limb busting year with every branch loaded to the max. The fruit is bright red and full of flavor. Come out and pick you own Montmorency tart cherries. Our cherry pitter is running full speed at our M-88 Market and can pit all you can pick. It’s as […]

A Wonderful Pumpkin Harvest

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 A Great Pumpkin Harvest this Year! John King is so excited about our pumpkin harvest this year! He sought out the best seeds to grow the biggest and best pumpkins! We have a huge crop this year so be sure you stop in and take a look. Halloween is almost here and we’re getting in […]

Pick Your Own Apricots

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Tree Ripened Apricots As of 8/19, the u-pick apricots are looking good. There are quite a few on the trees but act fast before they get picked over! We will have these through the weekend. These are a unique fruit for Michigan. If you have never had a fresh, tree ripened apricot, you are missing […]

Fresh Apricots

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The fresh apricots are starting to come into the markets. We also have u-pick apricots available however they are ripening unevenly so please call before making the trip to u-pick. Apricots are the same price in the market as they are to pick. At King Orchards, we offer some of the best, tree-ripened apricots you […]

Bay City Sweet Corn is Here!

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Bay City sweet corn means Michigan veggie season is here! Our market is full of fresh veggies from Michigan farmers as well as our own cucumbers and pickling cucumbers. It is definitely time for a fresh BLT with romaine from VanDyke Farms and tomatoes from Iott Ranch and Orchards. Bay City sweet corn just arrived […]

Sweet Cherry U-Pick Season Coming to a Close

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After an extremely plentiful and high quality crop, our sweet cherry u-pick season is coming to a close. We held back the shaking crew as long as we could because the sweet cherry u-pick was so nice. The shaking crew did go through the sweet cherries at our M-88 Market yesterday so most of the […]

Pick Your Own Tart Cherries

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Pick Your Own Tart Cherries in Full Swing Pick your own tart cherries is finally open! We have our pitter running full speed. The cherries are full of flavor and the picking is good. Pick your own tart cherries are $1.25 per pound. Tart cherries are very perishable, so the best way to preserve these […]

Pick Your Own Michigan Sweet Cherries in Full Force!

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U-pick Michigan sweet cherries are in full force! We have an abundant crop this year and the picking is great! Pick your own sweet cherries are $1.75/lb. The season should last for about 3 weeks. Pick your own raspberries are slowly trickling in. The season is just getting going and will last throughout the summer. […]

Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries Update

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The crop of sweet cherries this year is huge! We are opening u-pick on July 4th. It is always a challenge because the cherries don’t ripen evenly so the first couple days are always a little slower and more selective picking. We want people to be happy with the cherries they pick, so it just […]


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