Cherry Blossoms

Montmorency Cherry Trees in Bloom

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2 Responses to "Cherry Blossoms"
  1. Kay Suppes says:

    We look forward to our annual trek northward to pick cherries at your orchard. Was wondering if you have any idea yet when the picking will start. We always get lots of sweets and sours at the same time. Usually plan on around the 4th of July, but wondered how the cool spring has affected that timeline?

    • Patty says:

      Hi Kay,

      The cool spring has indeed slowed things down. Betsy is thinking we won’t be seeing ripe sweet cherries until around the 10th of July. To be safe, you may want to consider planning your trip for the week of the 15th. The odds are good then that you’ll be able to pick both sweet and tart cherries.

      On the plus side, it looks like it’s going to be a very nice crop. We just need some warm weather to color & sweeten up the cherries. I’ve heard it said that one good, warm week in July can make up for a month of coolness in June. Here’s hoping!

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