Frozen cherries

Calling all foodies!!! February is National Cherry Month! The perfect time to try ordering some of our frozen tart cherries. We have been shipping pitted tart cherries for years however, I have done it differently every year. This year I think I have it down pat. Of course, I would like everyone to opt for next day air shipping-that is the best, but, so expensive. So I have done a little testing and here are a few hints. Cherries arriving the next day are beautiful! All of lower Michigan and some Chicago areas come next day with ground shipping. Cherries arriving in 2 days are partially frozen and only 3 or 4 tbls. of juice. Cherries arriving in 3 days will be thawed with some frost on the outside and about 1/2 cup of juice. Cherries arriving in 4 days are thawed but cold and 3/4 cup of juice. Cherries can be refrozen by spreading out in bag and laying out flat. We hope everyone wants to try some of our frozen cherries as I have 100,000 pound to sell. That is only a recipe or 2 each!

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12 Responses to "Frozen cherries"
  1. Therese says:

    I want to buy several pounds of frozen cherries but I live in Dallas, TX. Is it possible to have them delivered second day air and still be in good shape? What is the cost of the cherries and the freight/shipping?

    Can I order in October/November and have them sent normal delivery?

    Thank you

  2. Patty says:

    During the summer, we are shipping IQF tart cherries (both Balaton and Montmorency varieties) via Next Day Air.

    Beginning in November and throughout the winter months, we can ship 2nd or 3rd day air, and to some locations, UPS ground.

    Please give us a call toll-free at 1-877-937-5464 to place an order, or to add your name to our list for fall/winter frozen cherry shipping.

  3. John says:

    We send IQF tart cherries in 12 lb styrofoam mailers. We usually send them Overnight Air which is expensive, unless you live in the UPS one day delivery zone from here. Otherwise we don’t ship them until November cool weather. You can call toll free 877-937-5464 and ask for Courtney or Betsy for details.

  4. Dusica Ignjatovic says:

    I love tart cherries but I live in Florida. December and January can be quite cold and that would seem the best time to order frozen tart cherries. How many days does it take to get to Florida?

  5. Laurie says:

    Is is possible to have frozen sour cherries shipped to Vancouver Canada? I`d be prepared to pay air shipping charges and also to make a failrly large order.

  6. Jason says:

    I live in NJ and I’m home brewing a specialty cherry flavered beer. The recipe calls for 10lbs of whole sour cherries. I was wondering do you sell frozen cherries that haven’t been pitted?

  7. Marylou Herron says:

    do you have sweet dark,frozen cherries? If so how much I live in florida

  8. nancy truhn says:

    I have been taking your tart cherry capsules since mid September (when I was visiting southwest MI) of this year and have just sent for 4 more bottles. All of my friends in TN have been battling colds and the flu throughout the fall and easing into winter(maybe I should knock on wood before the next statement … I have been fine and feel great. I have even had reconstructive surgery on my injured right hand (yes I am right handed) I am not allowed to use it yet, therapy will probably start the end of this week. Anyway (I do tend to wander with my thoughts) I have been well, even being in and out of doctor offices with my sick husband and my surgery. I am giving all the credit to the tart cherry capsules! I would have ordered the case if I could afford it !! I have not tried the juice,but will as soon as my order gets here! I am so thrilled with your product. I was freaking out wondering how I would get the capsules, when I read the label I was so happy to find your website!!!! I haven’t tried the juice but have ordered some to try and some to share with my friend, whose doctor said her husband needs it for treatment with his gout. OK I will stop rambling , I am just thrilled to find your website.

  9. Joe Beatty says:

    Please alert me when you will ship frozen tart cherries to Houston TX, as I understand fall/winter is best

    Thank you
    Joe Beatty

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