Frozen Cherries

Frozen Michigan Tart Cherries Direct from the Grower…

COVID-19 UPDATE: UPS has suspended any guaranteed services. There is a good chance your cherries will get delayed and will be thawed upon arrival. Place your order, but we will probably be calling you to ensure you are OK taking that risk. Feel free to call us with any questions 231-544-6479.

It’s wintertime in Northern Michigan and that means it’s time to ship frozen cherries. These cherries ripen on the tree for peak color and flavor. Within 24 hours of harvest they are pitted and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF). To ensure these cherries arrive in good condition, multi-day shipping is available only in the winter months. The rest of the year overnight shipping is required. Orders will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday. Frozen cherries do not qualify for Flat Rate or Free Shipping.

Call 231-544-6479 to order!

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