These cherries are picked at the peak of freshness, then pitted and frozen separately so they are much easier to handle. These are available in 40lb boxes. If you are looking for a whole fruit that is exceptionally easy to use, our IQF cherries are perfect! We offer both Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries.

 Frozen Montmorency Tart Cherries

During the 11 months cherries are not in season in Michigan, IQF Cherries (Individually Quick Frozen) makes for the perfect substitute! These are produced from perfectly ripened cherries. We offer both Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries. Just like the name says, each cherry is frozen individually and offers superior ease when cooking, baking, or eating out of hand. Instead of freezing into one large clump, you can easily scoop out the exact amount needed without any waste! There is absolutely nothing added to our IQF cherries. Throughout the winter months, we offer shipping in various sizes. They are always available in our markets in 4lb and 10lb bags and 40lb boxes. Call for current pricing 877-937-5464.

Individually Quick Frozen cherries make for the perfect ingredient for a homemade cherry pie or topping to your morning oatmeal (John and Betsy King’s favorite breakfast meal).

Missed the winter shipping months? Try our canned tart cherries in water! These also have no additives and serve as the perfect substitute for fresh cherries.

Individually Quick Frozen Cherries are perfect for any and all cherry lovers!

Montmorency IQF Cherries

Montmorency IQF Cherries