Smoked Camembert Cheese with Cherry Topping

Jack fired up his smoker the other day and decided to do a Camembert cheese with cherry topping. You could also use brie for this recipe. He put the Camembert in our small cast iron pan and stuck it on the smoker under low heat for 30 minutes or so. The smoke added a great flavor to the cheese. While the cheese was on the smoker, we added frozen tart cherries to a saucepan and cooked until the cherries were soft. It was extremely cold (below 0F) while Jack was trying to smoke the cheese, so to make sure the cheese was melted inside the rind, we cooked it for 10 minutes or so in the oven. We then poured the cherries and juice on top of the cheese. Camembert has an edible rind so the cheese stayed in tact but as soon as you dipped a cracker into it, the creamy Camembert oozed out onto your cracker. The sour cherries paired very well with the creamy cheese.


smoked camembert cheese with sour cherries


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