Steel Cut Oats Topped with IQF Tart Cherries

steel cut oats topped with individually quick frozen tart cherriesAlmost everyday, John and I eat steel cut oats topped with IQF tart cherries.  I make up a big batch of steel cut oats which then we eat over the course of the next few days.  Each morning, I microwave a dish of oats and then pour the frozen IQF over them.  We add bananas and walnuts for an extra special treat but it is the cherries that make this breakfast so good.  I have used cans of the water packed tart cherries and they are almost as good as the frozen but, I like the hot/cold mixture that the IQF offer.  While on vacation, I used dried which were good but I have my favorite!  The secret to success of this recipe is to have the steel cut oats made up in advance for a quick breakfast. This is a perfect way to start your day with a low cholesterol and gluten free breakfast.

-Betsy King



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