Summer FruitCast

Summer FruitCast at King Orchards near Traverse City and Petoskey Michigan

Summer at King Orchards

Here at King Orchards, we have been working diligently throughout the year to provide you with the premier produce of the summer. Our trees have been trimmed, equipment cleaned, and staff hired to ensure that your King Orchards experience is nothing less than a great time. So here is an update on the farm, the family, and the fun.

New on the Farm…

We are entering our 37th summer harvest! Even though we’ve been around for a few decades we keep adding new to the lineup of fun and delicious. We are very excited for our NEW strawberry patch that started producing sweet and red berries over the weekend. This is our first year with our OWN strawberries and we cannot harvest them fast enough. As of right now, there are no u-pick strawberries but that may change as we get further into the season. The bakery is already running full speed and producing pies, breads and snacks daily. Stop by for a strawberry rhubarb pie before they are gone! As we look ahead to July, we are expecting a great crop of sweet and tart cherries as well as raspberries. It’s a little early to estimate a start date, but we always hope to have some in the fruit stands by July 4th and U-Pick within a few days of the holiday. Our guys can’t wait to get the pitters running for all of you smoothie drinkers that have used up your stock of frozen, pitted cherries from last year. As for apricots, nectarines, peaches, and plums; it looks like we have a medium sized crop out there and U-Pick availability will be determined at a later day. Our vegetable patch is also looking good. We can already tell that John’s sweet corn is going to produce some of the best corn we’ve ever had.

To wrap things up, it’s looking like we are going to have a stellar summer. We can only encourage everyone to swing by one of our markets located on US-31 or M-88 to experience it for yourselves. Feel free to head to US-31 to chat with Rose about the best recipes for pie or M-88 to check out our new strawberry patch. After all, memories are made at King Orchards.

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