Beautifully Cold Day at King Orchards

  I woke up to some surprising weather this morning. We have had quite a few cold days at the farm this year, however this was one of the coldest temperatures I have caught. In spite of the negative temperatures, the sun actually decided to come out today and make for a beautifully cold day.

Nonny’s Apple Cake Recipe

Yep, it’s baking time. And I bought too many apples, because that good lookin’ $12 half bushel of Ginger Golds from King Orchards was IRRESISTIBLE. Here’s my favorite apple cake recipe. I really generally don’t care for baked apple products, but this one is . . . oh good lord. . . you gotta try […]

Apple Variety Guide

Are you wondering what apple holds up best in pie, or which apples to choose for fresh snacks or chunked up in salad? We’ve created a handy Apple Variety Guide with some characteristics and suggested uses for the many apples we grow here at King Orchards.  The apples are listed in the approximate order in […]

Tips for Selection and Storage of Apples

Rose and Betsy’s top tips for apple buying and storing: Be adventurous! Don’t be afraid to experiment. You have nothing to lose but boredom. Try some new varieties. You may not like them all, but you are sure to make some new discoveries that will become life-long favorites. Keep it cool! Apples continue to ripen […]

Friday Tour of the Fruit Farm

What a great day for an orchard tour. With John driving and Patty, Juliette and I chomping on apples, we toured the farms. First on our inspiration list was the size and quality of the apples. Boy, are they beautiful. Mutsu, Empire and of course Honeycrisp took the prize. Harvest of the Honeycrisp should start […]

We’re Picking Honeycrisp

The first of our Honeycrisp apple crop is coming into the market this week. We also have Ginger Golds, Macs, and Paula Reds. We’ll have Galas by the weekend.