Winter Effects on the Orchard

With the memorable 2014 winter slowly coming to a close, the winter effects on the trees seems to be a question resonating throughout the orchard from concerned fruit lovers everywhere. I have been reluctant to write about the effects the winter has had on the orchard. We saw a low temperature of -18F which can […]

Jingle Bells, the orchards smells, turkey pooh is on the way

Several years back we were put in touch with a large turkey farm near Grand Rapids that sells the giant double semi trailer loads of manure.  Around here we call it “Turkey Pooh”! The turkey pooh is a great deal for us. Since conventional granular fertilizers have been going up with fuel prices, turkey pooh […]

Fruitstand Update :)

Help! We’re being overrun by cucumbers!!! If we can’t get to the phones, it’s because we can’t make it through the mountains of pickling and slicing cukes we’ve harvested from our gardens. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to plant 5 acres 🙂 Here’s what we’re offering this week: Veggies: Now available at both […]

Cherry Crop Update

There are a lot of cherries on the trees, and all signs point to a good crop of both sweet and tart cherries. Our latest estimate is that sweet cherry picking will begin around July 10th, with tart cherries following a week to 10 days later. Betsy and Rose expect to have strawberries in the […]

Spring Strategizing

The King family and crew are readying for what we hope is a fruitful growing season. Our strategy for 2009: Growing great fruit, while providing exceptional service and value to our customers and community. Some of what we’re working on: Betsy and I have been finalizing new designs for 1/2 peck fruit bags and updating […]

February… spring?

Hi Everyone, It has finally slowed down here on the farm and I hate to say it but Jim and John are already talking Spring? Meanwhile our Jésus in the Office has been getting out and trying new moves on the Snowboard! Unsuccessfully I might add! He tried a ‘Big Move’ and came down in […]

New Trees

Today I talked with Adam from Hilltop trees in Lawton, Mi about our tree order for 2008. I want to get several rows of McIntosh planted this spring…

Stormy weather on the farm!

Well, today it is nasty weather here on the farm. No school for the local schools so the kids are having a ball! They’re doing flips behind the snowmobile! No really! Oh, to be young enough to do it. Cherry Juice is being packed. Its Cherry Month too, so the creativity with the Dried Cherries […]

Welcome to our Orchard Blog!

Our plan for our blog is to have ongoing discussions on a variety of topics: What’s happening on the farm and in the markets this week. What does a real 21st century farming family look like? Sustainable, responsible and scientific growing methods. Montmorency Cherries! Why we love our Montmorency cherry juice concentrate and dried cherries. […]