Beautifully Cold Day at King Orchards

  I woke up to some surprising weather this morning. We have had quite a few cold days at the farm this year, however this was one of the coldest temperatures I have caught. In spite of the negative temperatures, the sun actually decided to come out today and make for a beautifully cold day.

Still Apple Season!

Our markets are full of quality apples. It is the time of the year to visit and stock up for winter. Here are a couple of enticements! Jonagolds 1/2 bushels are on sale for $9.00. Sauce apples $6.00 1/2 bushel. Squash $6 to $8 1/2 bushel. Hubbard squash is our specialty. The markets are open […]

Apple Fest

Charlevoix Apple Fest is this coming week-end, Oct 8 9 and 10. We will line the main street with apples and apple goodies. The town is packed and fun is had by all! Beautiful fall days with the tree colors just peaking. We are in for a wonderful week-end!

Honeycristp in XXL

The Honeycrisp are beautiful! Apple season is coming so fast. We have in the market McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Mutsu, Jonagold, Northern Spy, Bosc Pears and Stanley Prune Plums. Squash, cornstalks, gourds and pumpkins. Fall is here!

Picking is going quick!

Yes, our apple u-pick is going quick. With the combination of an early season and not as many apples as usual the season for apple picking will probably only last until any longer than the 29th or 30th of September. So lets hope for nice weather for our last week-end of u-pick apples. Now we […]

It feels like fall!

The temperatures have dropped and I’m hankering for an apple! Football, cool weather, and labor day makes it feel like fall. This summer was so warm and wonderful but I’m ready for apples, squash and plums. Ginger Gold and Sanza apples are in and we are getting ready to ship. I have new packaging and […]

Temps cooled but not our sale!

We still have our 1/2 bushel of red haven peaches sale going on for a few more days! Everyone is loving the nectarines. Raspberries are back and easy to pick. Ginger gold apples maybe this week-end. Great time to visit.

Monday 7/12 Update

This week we are picking Balaton tart cherries. If you want to make cherry bounce this year these are the cherries you want to use. We are picking with the stems on and they should keep for traveling. Cherry bounce is easy to make and fun to drink come the holidays. Also these are the […]