Tart cherries are here!

  The u-pickers have started picking the Montmorency tart cherries and they look good. The tart cherry pitter is running smoothly so when a u-pick customer picks a large lot of cherries they can get them pitted and into bags with the juice for freezing. We won’t be machine harvesting the Monts for another 4-5 […]

Sweet Cherries, Montmorency Tart Cherries, and Apricots

Well the rains that came early in the week were wonderful for most of the crops but they have a big negative side effect on the sweet cherries. When sweet cherries are getting ripe the sugar in them draws in water. The rain is absorbed through the roots but the cherry itself will draw in […]

Cherry crop, picking, shipping.

The cherry crop is coming along beautifully. We received 8/10 s of an inch of rain last night which was very much appreciated. So cherries are sizing up. The sweet cherries are probably going to start around July 10-12. We will pick as early as we feel they are sweet enough and dark enough color. […]

Monday 7/12 Update

This week we are picking Balaton tart cherries. If you want to make cherry bounce this year these are the cherries you want to use. We are picking with the stems on and they should keep for traveling. Cherry bounce is easy to make and fun to drink come the holidays. Also these are the […]

Fruitstand Gossip

Things have been getting very busy around the fruit stand. We are still u-picking sweet cherries. We will be u-picking until atleast Tuesday, possibly longer. We will keep you updated on a for sure date in the next couple days. We got the sweet cherry pitter out today! It is one of the coolest things […]

Tart Cherry Bloom Report

Tart cherry bloom has come early this year! If you are thinking about a drive to northern Michigan to witness the spectacular tart cherry blossoms, don’t hesitate to make it this weekend. Here’s a quick pic of the Montmorency cherry block from outside the office door this morning. Won’t be long before peak bloom!

Tart Cherry Juice Sale

For the month of February (February is National Cherry Month), we will be having a sale on Cherry Juice Concentrate. Instead of 13.99 it will be 12.99 a quart. Also, if you buy a case (12 qts to a case) of Cherry Juice you will receive a free 1lb bag of our deliciously sweet All […]

“Why February?”

Why February for National Cherry Month? That question has been floating around our office the past few days. I believe that it has to do with George Washington cutting down a cherry tree and since we celebrate his birthday in February … My niece, Meg, pointed out that it is stupid to not have National […]

Frozen cherries

Calling all foodies!!! February is National Cherry Month! The perfect time to try ordering some of our frozen tart cherries. We have been shipping pitted tart cherries for years however, I have done it differently every year. This year I think I have it down pat. Of course, I would like everyone to opt for […]

Cherry Key Lime Muffins Recipe

This tart cherry muffin recipe comes courtesy of the Cherry Marketing Institute and Linda Hundt, Owner of the Sweetie Pie Pantry in Dewitt, Michigan and winner of the 2009 National Pie Championship, Best in Show for her Tom’s Cherry Cherry Berry Pie. According to Linda, “Tart cherries are the most versatile fruit to use, and […]