Tart cherry juice: mixing and serving suggestions

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New to drinking cherry juice? Here is a brief introduction to mixing and enjoying delicious 100% Montmorency tart cherry juice. Getting Started: Cherry juice concentrate should be refrigerated upon arrival. You can store it for 6 months in the refrigerator or 12 months in the freezer. King Orchards cherry juice concentrate is concentrated to 68 brix; […]

Doctor Oz Feature on Tart Cherry Juice, the Ultimate Antioxidant

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Tart cherry juice was recently featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show. You can see a video of the show here: Amazing Antioxidants: Tart Cherry Juice In the feature, Dr. Oz talked about some of the exciting research being done on Montmorency tart cherries, particularly in the areas of heart health, muscle recovery and natural […]

Tart Cherry Juice Hits the Road Running

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Tart cherry juice has been making news headlines lately, as more studies are finding that cherry juice can help speed post-exercise recovery.  Last month,  Dave and I hit the road and headed south to represent King Orchards at the ING Georgia Marathon Health & Fitness Expo.

What We Know About Tart Cherry Juice

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This afternoon, while enjoying a coffee break & Rose’s cherry cheesecake, we took an informal survey here at King Orchards. “If there was one thing you’d like everyone to know about King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate, what would it be?” Here is what we learned from each other, and what we’d like you to […]

Mixing Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

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We recommend a mixture of 1 part King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate to 7 parts water. One easy recipe is to mix 1/2 cup concentrate with 3 1/2 cups of water to make one quart of juice.  (hint: an empty KO juice bottle works great for this.) Many of our customers are on a […]

Tart Cherry Juice Makes Parade

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In the 9/29/09 issue of Parade Magazine, Michael O’Shea asks, “Could tart cherry juice be the next big sports drink?”  He cited a recent study at Oregon Health & Science University that tested the effect of tart cherry juice on muscle recovery of long distance relay runners. Runners who drank the tart cherry juice reported […]

Take the Cherry Challenge Answers

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Take the Cherry Challenge (page 60 of the September 2009 issue of Prevention magazine or see our 8/25 blog post) then scroll down to check your answers. Answers: 1-C:  Melatonin is a naturally occurring antioxidant in Tart Cherries that helps maintain normal sleep patterns. Tart cherries are one of the few known food sources of […]

Cherry Chicken Salad Sandwich

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2 cups cubed cooked chicken ½ cup dried tart cherries 3 green onions, sliced ½ cup mayonnaise ¼ cup plain yogurt 1 tablespoon lemon juice Freshly ground black pepper, to taste Lettuce leaves Chopped fresh parsley 2 to 4 croissants Combine chicken, cherries and onions in a large bowl; mix well. In another bowl, combine […]

King Orchards Tart Cherry Juice Scores High in Antioxidant Tests

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We just received results from our recently-conducted nutritional analysis of King Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. Independent lab evaluations revealed that our tart cherry juice concentrate provides over 7000 ORAC units and 330 mg of Anthocyanins per one-ounce serving. Antioxidant strength is measured in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units. ORAC measures how many […]


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