Sweet Cherries, Montmorency Tart Cherries, and Apricots

Well the rains that came early in the week were wonderful for most of the crops but they have a big negative side effect on the sweet cherries. When sweet cherries are getting ripe the sugar in them draws in water. The rain is absorbed through the roots but the cherry itself will draw in […]

Raspberry picking and Sweet Cherry picking

We received almost an inch of rain today. That is great news for the parched trees and crops. The raspberries finally are ripening and tomorrow (Tues July 9) will be an excellent day because so many berries are ripening for easy picking. They are $4.00/pint but deals can be had on a flat of 8 […]

Fruit for u-pick

I am pleasantly surprised at the fast pace of the ripening fruit. The raspberries will be open for u-pick in time for the Fourth of July. (Probably the M88 location will open first as apparently there are earlier varieties there.)

Cherry crop, picking, shipping.

The cherry crop is coming along beautifully. We received 8/10 s of an inch of rain last night which was very much appreciated. So cherries are sizing up. The sweet cherries are probably going to start around July 10-12. We will pick as early as we feel they are sweet enough and dark enough color. […]

End of May Progress Report

It is shaping up to be a banner year. Our biggest acreage, Montmorency tart cherries appears to have a very nice crop coming. This is so important for us because we send most of our Montmorencies to be made into concentrate and concentrate has been in very short supply.


It looks like a great week-end to pick apples. Apples available to pick are McIntosh, Gala, Mutsu and Honeycrisp! It is fun and easy on on our close planted smaller trees. Stanley Prune plums are in and taste sweet and good. Squash and pumpkins and starting to pill up around the market. Football is in […]

update sat 6-19

Today strawberries in the market and last day for asparagus. Lots of call about u-pick. We will keep people posted on the blog each day. Today it looks like we will start some u-pick sweets next week. Keep watching !

Fruitstand Update :)

Help! We’re being overrun by cucumbers!!! If we can’t get to the phones, it’s because we can’t make it through the mountains of pickling and slicing cukes we’ve harvested from our gardens. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to plant 5 acres 🙂 Here’s what we’re offering this week: Veggies: Now available at both […]

? of the day

There is one question everyone is asking. How long will we be able to pick sweet cherries? This year is so odd that I can’t say. My hope is that we will be able to pick through to next week end. There is a lot of fruit out there and if it stays dry the […]