Tart Cherry Juice Makes Parade

In the 9/29/09 issue of Parade Magazine, Michael O’Shea asks, “Could tart cherry juice be the next big sports drink?”  He cited a recent study at Oregon Health & Science University that tested the effect of tart cherry juice on muscle recovery of long distance relay runners. Runners who drank the tart cherry juice reported faster recovery at the end of the race than those who drank the alternative placebo.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, healthful way to speed muscle recovery and a great source of beneficial antioxidants, try King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate, direct from the Michigan grower.

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4 Responses to "Tart Cherry Juice Makes Parade"
  1. Bottled cherry juice is typically too concentrated to use as a sports drink for consuming during exercise. My Fruit-Ade recipe shows how to dilute cherry juice to the correct sugar concentration for drinking while exercising.

    • Patty says:

      Thanks for sharing that tip. One of the great things about tart cherry juice concentrate is that you can dilute it with as little or as much water or other juices as you like. We tell our customers to get creative with it. It is 100% tart cherry juice, so there really isn’t a wrong way to drink it. Some folks drink the concentrate straight up by the tablespoon, some mix with water or apple juice, some even drizzle it over their ice cream. Heard from a customer today who said they just love it mixed with sparkling water.

      There’s been a great deal of news recently about tart cherry juice and its potential to help speed post-exercise muscle recovery. According to Bryan Clay, World’s Greatest Athlete and Gold Medalist, “I have definitely seen a reduction in muscle soreness since I’ve added cherries to my training table. And it’s easy to do since they taste great and are available year-round.” Ultra-marathoner, Sarah Stanley is also incorporating cherry juice into her exercise regimen. “I drink a glass of 100% cherry juice every morning and I know I’ll feel good post-run.”

      To marathoners and non-marathoners alike (like us!),
      Cheers to Tart Cherries!

  2. Nikole says:

    I was watching dr oz and a doc on there recommended 8oz of tart cherry juice every night tohelp with cortisol levels and reduce belly fat. I wentand bought some today and it says ‘concentrate’ and only take two tablespoons and you can mix with water. 8oz seems like a lot of this not diluted but he did day u ‘can’ dilute so I think he meant 8oz before dilution. Any idea if he means ‘concentrate’? Is it sold diluted and maybe he meant already diluted?

    • John says:

      Nikole, Dr. Oz is referring to Single Strength cherry juice which is diluted concentrate. The 8 oz he refers to is one ounce of concentrate mixed with 7 ounces of water. Be sure your concentrate label says “Montmorency”. Since the 2012 crop was a big disaster some sellers have switched to imported concentrate which is not the Montmorency cherry recommended by DR Oz., and some of it is not as concentrated at the real thing. (which is concentrated to 68 Brix).

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